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  • 4.0
    They Have Regular Promotional Offers

    The promotional offers are worth waiting for

    Willard Sieders
  • 5.0
    They Provided You Several Choices of Trading Platforms

    You can trade with your smartphone or your desktop pc

    Jan Žilka
  • 5.0
    Fulfilling Trading Experience With Their Innovative Platform

    Their Social Trading Platform makes trading feel more like a game

    Vachel Théberge
  • 4.0
    Comprehensive Trading Education Provided

    Their trading education covers everything that you need to know about forex trading 

    Jack Dale
  • 4.0
    Their Platform Supports Automated Trading

    You can use the “Copy Trader” to automatically copy the trades of the traders that you are following.

    Renan Ferreira Martins
  • 5.0
    etoro the toro king

    I start FX on 2010 and tried several platforms. Although etoro is not the best, it beat many others. I am happy to trade with etoro, it is safe, reliable, good service and a platform thateasily let you make money.

    zac cheah
  • 5.0

    Etoro was warmly recommended by ;Germanys exclusive Forex Broker Comparison. I opened my account two days later, completed my identification documents i.e passport, driving licence or phone check. After that I deposited £5000 from my debit card and started trading. To me its platform is simple, quite informative and clear screen. The best trading screen I found. Just to see the withdrawal service I requested for £5800 and within 05 working days the amount was in my account. I am very happy with Etoro.

  • 3.0
    Copy Sync issue and unhelpful customer service issue

    Very innovative openbook feature, ability to learn from gurus and east to use trading system. However they had some serious flaws in the copy system, meaning that losses occurred to some, but not all people copying a particular guru. Unhelpful customer service responses; closed account when complaint sent to Cysec.

    James Ellis
  • 5.0
    Etoro Openbook review

    I have been involved in a number of forex trading systems, they each cost alot of money, with no results. When I stumbled upon etoro openbook, I couldn't believe it was free to join. Everything about the site leaves the others I previously joined for dead. I would recommend this site to anyone. 

  • 4.0
    Poor service

    Everything was fine until you want to withdraw your money. They will try everything to stop you doing that.

  • 5.0
    eToro’s Open Book is Unique
    I’ve read all about peoples complaints. MiFID regulations are just fine and if you have a problem lodge a complaint, don’t just rant and rave. I’ve been with eToro for over 2 years and I have had no problems.
    Guus Bronckhorst
  • 5.0
    eToro Reviews
    I liked the bonus when I joined and so far so good. I lost some money but that’s not their fault. Don’t buy long when the pair’s sinking ;). I think that they have a very good platform and I like eToro’s social site.
    Olaf Kepper
  • 5.0
    Social Site
    I have been through almost everybody and I haven’t been happy until I found eToro. I like their service, the website and the platform works fine for me. I like discussing the latest market trends with my fiends on OpenBook.
    Enzo Zucchero
  • 5.0
    I love eToro.
    I tried to think of something I dislike about eToro. I ignored the naysayers and found it a great experience. Sure you gain and loose but their platform is sound and if your investments are as well, you’ll come out a winner like me. Best of luck to all.
    Rowland Morgan
  • 4.0
    It was good that I found eToro. I was so weary after my last endeavor into Forex but eToro has pleasantly surprised me. I am new to the market and their platform is user-friendly unlike MT4 and their videos are great.  
    Carlota Lampanelli
  • 5.0
    Simply the best out there!
    I’ve been with Etoro since 2008. Three years later I’m still super pleased. I have friends who bounce through brokers, but not me. I found eToro, got good service and am happy. I follow European and Japanese news closely so I mostly trade EUR/JAP and the 4 Pip spread is not bad at all. Plus, 400:1 leverage is powerful…
    Rémi Simon
  • 5.0
    eToro, My First Month Was Good
    I know what it feels like not knowing who to trust. I tried their platform and discovered liked it and that eToro’s is both trustworthy and easy to use! Their social site, OpenBook looks interesting, thought I don’t use it.
    Ramiro Sobalvarro
  • 5.0
    eToro has the easiest platform in the market!
    I’ve been with eToro almost since they opened. I opened my account in 2009 and I’ve loved it ever since. Sure they have grown and others have joined but you can’t beat their platform.
    Luc Leroy
  • 4.0
    eToro Review
    I like eToro. They were responsive to my inquiries and helped me. I have had great success with them. I learned a great deal from their friendly social blogging site: OpenBook.
    Maximilian König

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